Break/Fix Services

Windows or Mac, if you have problems or questions we can help! Some of our services are pc setup, pc tune-up, data backup or transfer, data recovery, email setup, hardware upgrades or repairs, memory installation, printer setup or help, software installation and setup, virus and spyware removal, and training.


Managed Services

Small businesses need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively. But as reliance on IT grows, the resources needed to support this increasingly complex IT environment may not. In many small businesses, IT resources are limited and can be quickly overwhelmed. If you fall behind in keeping up with things such as backups, patches and security, the odds greatly increase that you’ll face an IT outage or another problem down the road that will negatively impact your business. For instance, if your Email server, customer relationship management system, financial application or network goes down, you will likely face substantial productivity and revenue losses as a result.


Tech News and Reviews

Reviews and news of all things tech. Have you heard about the latest Apple or Android phones? What's all this talk about wearable technology? What hardware and software does Guruz use to give you the best possible service?